Raum: 7.1020
Mary-Somerville-Str. 7
28359 Bremen
14:15 - 15:45 Uhr
Teilprojekt B01 (2022-25): SFB 1342, Universität Bremen

Mehran Haji Mohammadian defended his doctoral dissertation in 2022 at the Faculty of Sociology at Bielefeld University. His dissertation project "Retirement in Iran: From the Establishment of the Pension System to the Emergence of a New Life Course" was supervised by Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kaasch (Bielefeld University) and Dr. Rana Jawad (Bath University). His research interests include social policy in developing countries, informality, and the implementation of the Bismarckian social insurance system in the global south. He has published a book "Piri" (2019) an ethnographic study of older adults in Tehran. In 2016 he also published an article "Gender in a Justice-Centered Society: A Review of Abu-Hamid Ghazel's Ethical Views".

Mehran Haji Mohammadian is member of the B01 country expert network.