SOCIUM SFB 1342 Working Paper Series

Die gemeinsame Arbeitspapierreihe vom SOCIUM und dem SFB 1342 veröffentlicht aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse ihrer Mitglieder und Kooperationspartner. Alle Papiere durchlaufen vor ihrer Veröffentlichung ein „double-blind peer-review“-Verfahren.

Ansprechpartnerin: Johanna Kuhlmann


Chipenda, Clement; Veit, Alex; Pauly, Jonas, 2021: The trajectory of food security policies in South Africa, 1910-1994. The persistence of food subsidies, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/9/2021, Bremen: SOCIUM, SFB 1342, Download PDF

Devereux, Stephen, 2020: Policy pollination. A brief history of social protection’s brief history in Africa, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/8/2020, Bremen: SFB 1342; SOCIUM, Download PDF

ten Brink, Tobias; Müller, Armin; Liu, Tao, 2020: Causal mechanisms in the making of China‘s social insurance system: Policy experimentation, topleader intervention, and elite cooperation, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/7/2020, Bremen: SOCIUM, SFB 1342, Download PDF

Becker, Bastian; Shriwise, Amanda; Schmitt, Carina, 2020: Colonial empires, actor constellations, and their legacies, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/6/2020, Bremen: SOCIUM, SFB 1342, Download PDF

Dingeldey, Irene; Fechner, Heiner; Gerlitz, Jean-Yves; Hahs, Jenny; Mückenberger, Ulrich, 2020: Measuring legal segmentation in labour law, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/5/2020, Bremen: SOCIUM, SFB 1342, Download PDF

Isabekova, Gulnaz, 2019: The relationships between stakeholders engaged in development assistance: towards an analytical framework, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/3/2019, Bremen: SOCIUM, SFB 1342, Download PDF

Becker, Bastian, 2019: Introducing COLDAT: The Colonial Dates Dataset, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/2/2019, Bremen: SOCIUM, SFB 1342, Download PDF

Barrientos, Armando, 2019: Does a general theory of welfare institutions explain the expansion of social assistance in low and middle income countries?, SOCIUM SFB 1342 WorkingPapers/1/2019, Bremen: SOCIUM SFB 1342, Download PDF