The Immigrant Social Rights Project (ImmigSR)

The Immigrant Social Rights Data Set (ImmigSR)* provides comparative data on immigrant social rights for 39 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia for the years 1980-2018. The data set covers the social rights of different legal categories, namely temporary and permanent labor migrants, asylum seekers, recognized refugees and family reunification migrants. It contains indicators on both direct and indirect ways of restricting access.

The data was collected within Project B04 of the Collaborative Research Center "Global Dynamics of Social Policy" (CRC 1342) at the University of Bremen. The CRC is funded by the German Research Foundation until 2025. The dataset builds on items developed within the project Immigration Policies In Comparison (IMPIC).

At the moment, the ImmigSR data is being expanded. In addition to social assistance and unemployment insurance, the next version of the data set will also include items on non-contributory child benefits, non-contributory old-age pensions and employment injury insurance.

*formerly Migrant Social Protection (MigSP), renamed 2023