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Kuhlmann, Johanna, 2018: What is a Welfare State?, in: Greve, Bent (Hg.), Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State, London/New York: Routledge, S. 13 - 22

Van der Heijden, Jeroen; Kuhlmann, Johanna, 2018: Assessing Policy Process Knowledge: A Systematic Review of Three Theoretical Approaches that are Applied to Cases of Policy Change, in: European Policy Analysis, 4 (1), S. 72 - 93, 20.04.2018

Nullmeier, Frank, 2018: How to explain discursive change? An actor-centered approach to interpretive explanation, in: Heinelt, Hubert; Münch, Sybille (Hg.), Handbook of European Policies. Interpretive Approaches to the EU, Handbooks of Research on Public Policy series, Cheltenham (UK); Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, S. 72 - 90, (im Erscheinen)

Schlichte, Klaus, 2017: The International State: Comparing Statehood in Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, in: Heathershaw, John; Schatz, Edward (Hg.), Paradox of Power. The Logics of state Weakness in Eurasia, Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, S. 105 - 119

Veit, Alex; Schlichte, Klaus; Karadag, Roy, 2017: The Social Question and State Formation in British Africa: Egypt, South Africa and Uganda in Comparison, in: European Journal of Sociology, 58 (2), S. 237 - 264, doi:10.1017/S0003975617000108

Van der Heijden, Jeroen; Kuhlmann, Johanna, 2017: Studying Incremental Institutional Change: A Systematic and Critical Meta-Review of the Literature from 2005 to 2015, in: Policy Studies Journal, 45 (3), S. 535 - 554, doi:10.1111/psj.12191

Bandelow, Nils; Vogeler, Colette; Hornung, Johanna; Kuhlmann, Johanna; Heidrich, Sebastian, 2017: Learning as a Necessary but not Sufficient Condition for Major Health Policy Change: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Combining ACF and MSF, in: Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, online-first, (im Erscheinen), doi:10.1080/13876988.2017.1393920, 03.11.2017

Nullmeier, Frank; Brosig, Magnus, 2017: Politikwissenschaftliche Forschung zur Sozialpolitik, in: Deutsche Rentenversicherung, 72 (2), S. 213 - 223

Die 10 aktuellsten PublikationenWeitere finden Sie über die Filter oben.