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Ehrlich, Ulrike; Möhring, Katja; Drobnič, Sonja, 2020: What Comes after Caring? The Impact of Family Care on Women’s Employment, in: Journal of Family Issues, 41 (9), S. 1387 - 1419, doi:10.1177/0192513X19880934

Borowsky, Christine; Drobnič, Sonja; Feldhaus, Michael, 2020: Parental commuting and child well-being in Germany , in: Journal of Family Research, 32 (2), S. 357 - 392, doi:10.20377/jfr-370, 10.03.2020

Son, Keonhi; Böger, Tobias; Tonelli, Simone; Buhr, Petra; Drobnič, Sonja; Huinink, Johannes, 2020: Codebook of Historical Database on Maternity Leave (HDML), SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/2/2020, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF

Beham, Barbara; Drobnič, Sonja; Präg, Patrick; Baierl, Andreas; Lewis, Suzan, 2020: Work-to-family enrichment and gender inequalities in eight European countries, in: The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31 (5), S. 589 - 610, doi:10.1080/09585192.2017.1355837, 24.07.2017

Klug, Katharina; Drobnič, Sonja; Brockmann, Hilke, 2019: Trajectories of insecurity: Young adults' employment entry, health and well-being, in: Journal of Vocational Behavior, 115 (103308), S. 1 - 16, doi:10.1016/j.jvb.2019.05.005, 23.05.2019

Huinink, Johannes, 2019: Wandel von Familienstrukturen, in: Obinger, Herbert; Schmidt, Manfred G. (Hg.), Handbuch Sozialpolitik, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. 453 - 472

Huinink, Johannes, 2019: Zwischen Intimität und Instrumentalität - Die Krisis von Liebe und Familie, in: Böcker, Julia; Henkel, Anna; Moebius, Simon (Hg.), Die Liebe der Soziologie. Festschrift für Günter Burkart, Lüneburg: Books on Demand, S. 46 - 55

Bernardi, Laura; Huinink, Johannes; Settersten, Richard A., 2019: The life course cube: A tool for studying lives, in: Advances in Life Course Research, 41, S. 100258, doi:10.1016/j.alcr.2018.11.004, 01.09.2019, Download PDF

Kley, Stefanie; Drobnič, Sonja, 2019: Does Moving for Family Nest-Building Inhibit Mothers Labour Force (Re-)Entry?, in: Demographic Research, 40 (7), S. 155 - 184, doi:10.4054/DemRes.2019.40.7

Beham, Barbara; Drobnič, Sonja; Präg, Patrick; Baierl, Andreas; Eckner, Janin, 2019: Part-time work and gender inequality in Europe: A comparative analysis of satisfaction with work-life balance, in: European Societies, 21 (3), S. 378 - 402, doi:10.1080/14616696.2018.1473627, 01.07.2019

Die 10 aktuellsten PublikationenWeitere finden Sie über die Filter oben.