12:15 - 13:45 Uhr

How come, that in our studies we deal almost exclusively with European and North American theorists and scholars? How and to which extent do they, with their self-references and focus on Europe, displace and ignore the experience and perspectives of other scholars? And what concrete problems for science and non-European scholars arise from the burden of Eurocentrism in academia?

This and more we would like to discuss with you in an event series of the Politschnack. Our guests in the introductory session on 30th of April at 12:15 (c.t.) concerning “Eurocentrism in Academia” will be:

Alex Nadège Quedraogo (InIIS/SFB 1342), who will talk about the general problematic consequences of Eurocentrism in academia, Hawa Noor Mohammed (BIGSSS), who will talk about the discourse of Eurocentrism with reference to research on the so called “New Terrorism” or “Islamic (st) Terrorism” and Jude Kagoro (InIIS), who will talk about the burden of Eurocentrism in the interpretation of Politics in Africa. All of our guests are political scientists and researchers at University Bremen.

No matter if you would like to discuss or only listen, if you are student or staff: you are very much welcome! The discussion will take place via Zoom. If you would like to participate, feel free to join by clicking on the link below. The discussion will be held in English: