CRC 1342 Technical Paper Series

The CRC 1342 Technical Paper Series is part of the documentation of WeSIS. The papers contain detailed accounts of new variables and concepts collected for WeSIS. They ease the use of WeSIS and its data, provide a more detailed description of the data, how they came into being or suggestions for handling them properly.

Contact Person: Nils Düpont

Working Paper/Discussion Paper

Mossig, Ivo; Heuer, Hendrik; Lischka, Michael; Besche-Truthe, Fabian, 2021: Measuring global competition in export markets and export sectors, SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/8/2021, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF

Skitalinska, Gabriella; Düpont, Nils, 2021: OCR Report, SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/7/2021, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF

Seitzer, Helen; Windzio, Michael, 2021: Development of Historical Enrolment Trends, SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/6/2021, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF

Besche-Truthe, Fabian; Seitzer, Helen; Windzio, Michael, 2020: Cultural Spheres – Creating a dyadic dataset of cultural proximity, SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/5/2020, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF

Breznau, Nate; Lanver, Felix, 2020: Global Work-Injury Policy Database (GWIP): Project Overview and Codebook, SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/4/2020, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF

de Carvalho, Gabriela; Fischer, Johanna, 2020: Health and long-term care system introduction and reform - concepts and operationalisations for global and historical comparative research, SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/3/2020, Bremen: CRC 1342, Download PDF

Son, Keonhi; Böger, Tobias; Tonelli, Simone; Buhr, Petra; Drobnič, Sonja; Huinink, Johannes, 2020: Codebook of Historical Database on Maternity Leave (HDML), SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/2/2020, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF

Eiser, Lara; Lischka, Michael; Tkaczick, Tobias, 2020: Calculating Distances between Capital Cities in ArcGIS using the CShapes Dataset, SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/1/2020, Bremen: SFB 1342, Download PDF