Press Centre

The researchers of the Collaborative Research Centre 1342 "Global Dynamics of Social Policy" are happy to be available to journalists for interviews and opinions on socio-political developments.

Experts for interviews on segments of social policy

Old-age provision: Frank Nullmeier
Labour policy: Irene Dingeldey
Occupational health and safety, labour law: Ulrich Mückenberger, Heiner Fechner
Education policy: Kerstin Martens, Michael Windzio, Dennis Niemann
Family policy: Sonja Drobnič
Health policy: Heinz Rothgang, Lorraine Frisina
Long-term care: Heinz Rothgang, Lorraine Frisina
Migration: Michael Windzio

Experts for interviews on social policy issues in various regions

East and West Africa: Klaus Schlichte, Carina Schmitt
Eastern and Southern Africa: Alex Veit
North Africa and Middle East: Roy Karadag, Kressen Thyen
Turkey: Roy Karadag
Western Europe: Herbert Obinger
Eastern Europe: Heiko Pleines
Central Eastern Europe: Monika Ewa Kaminska
Central Asia: Heiko Pleines
North America: Lorraine Frisina
Latin America: Delia González de Reufels
China: Tobias ten BrinkArmin Müller
East Asia: Armin Müller