Author team paints a bleak picture of India’s social policy response to the pandemic

Part 4 of the CRC 1342 Covid-19 Social Policy Response Series has been published. For India, Stefan Kühner, Keerty Nakray and Daniel Neff conclude: The relief efforts have not been able to adequately address the social and economic suffering in the country.

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India in lockdown (Photo: ThroughMyEyes, Adobe Stock)
India in lockdown (Photo: ThroughMyEyes, Adobe Stock)

Call for Panels and Papers: ECPR General Conference 2021

Kressen Thyen and Alex Veit from project B09 are chairing the section "The Internationalised Politics of Welfare". Abstracts for papers must be submitted by the end of January, panel proposals by 10 February.

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Turkey expert Kerem Öktem joins the B01 team

Öktem, who earned his PhD at Bilkent University in Ankara with a thesis on the emergence of welfare systems in the Global South, was most recently a postdoctoral researcher at Bielefeld University. In the interview, he talks about his academic career and explains his role in the CRC.

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Survey: How does the pandemic influence attitudes towards globalisation and the welfare state?

Franziska Deeg, Eloisa Harris and Simone Tonelli will conduct anonline survey in Brazil and Germany this spring. The study is co-funded by the Dr. Hans Riegel-Foundation.

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Eloisa Harris, Franziska Deeg, Simone Tonelli
Eloisa Harris, Franziska Deeg, Simone Tonelli

The Role of International Organisations in the introduction of Social Cash Transfers

In his Working Paper, our Mercator Fellow Stephen Devereux analyses how international agencies initiated the introduction of cash transfers and social protection systems in Africa.

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One hundred years of social protection with Lutz Leisering

Prof. Dr. Lutz Leisering
Prof. Dr. Lutz Leisering
The third volume of the series "Global Dynamics of Social Policy" has been published: Lutz Leisering's "One Hundred Years of Social Protection - The Changing Social Question in Brazil, India, China, and South Africa". In it, Leisering develops a conceptual model that can be used to analyse the development of social policy, also and especially in the Global South. Eight authors then apply the model to the countries Brazil, India, China and South Africa. In an interview, Leisering talks about the volume's position in social policy research and the lessons he draws from the case studies.

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First volume of the CRC 1342 Covid-19 Social Policy Response Series released

Shih-Jiunn Shi and Suetgiin Soon from the National Taiwan University analyse Taiwan's social policy response to the social and economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Cultural Spheres – Creating a dyadic dataset of cultural proximity

Fabian Besche-Truthe, Helen Seitzer and Michael Windzio have published a paper in the SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series. The author team presents a data driven way to operationalize cultural characteristics of states and cultural similarity between states.

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New member of project B02

Dr. Mónika Contreras Saiz
Dr. Mónika Contreras Saiz
A couple of weeks ago, Mónika Contreras Saiz has joined our project B02 "Emergence, Expansion, and Transformation of the Welfare State in the Cono Sur in Exchange with (Southern) Europe (1850–1990)" as a researcher. For the next months, she will be working on the emergence and development of housing policy in Chile.

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New publication series on Covid-19

Dr. Tim Dorlach
Dr. Tim Dorlach
In a few days, we will start to publish the CRC 1342 Covid-19 Social Policy Response Series. In this series of country reports we will record and analyse which social policy measures countries around the world - mainly from the Global South - have taken so far to mitigate the negative economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tim Dorlach from Socium coordinates the series and explains in an interview what we can expect.

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Armenia: Export of labour leads to import of drug resistance

The spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Armenia is linked to returning labour migrants and their precarious living conditions in Russia.

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Tuberculosis bacteria (©Juan Gärtner -
Tuberculosis bacteria (©Juan Gärtner -

Covid-19 Pandemic and Social Freedom

Frank Nullmeier reflects on the concept of freedom in times of a pandemic. He argues to reform public infection control and to then understand it as a social policy instrument that facilitates freedom in the first place.

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Prof. Dr. Frank Nullmeier
Prof. Dr. Frank Nullmeier

"A biased orientation towards the North can prevent new insights"

Gabriela de Carvalho explains in an interview why existing typologies of health care systems have a strong Global North bias and why this is problematic.

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Dr. Achim Schmid, Gabriela de Carvalho, Johanna Fischer (left to right)
Dr. Achim Schmid, Gabriela de Carvalho, Johanna Fischer (left to right)