Global Dynamics of Social Policy series

The Collaborative Research Centre 1342 and Palgrave McMillan are publishing a new book series. The first volumes will be released in early 2020.

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Searching for networks

Teresa Huhle has searched Montevideo's libraries and archives to find out which international influences and contacts have influenced the development of Uruguay's health policy. In this interview she gives an overview of what she has found.

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Dr Teresa Huhle
Dr Teresa Huhle

"Young, serious and not strategic at all"

Sebastian Haunss, director of project A04, is conducting research on social conflicts. In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung he explains why the "Fridays for Future" movement is so successful and what tangible political results can be expected.

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CRC 1342 at Open Campus 2019

On 15 June, the University of Bremen had invited around 20,000 guests to an Open Day. They took part in guided tours and listened to lectures, informed themselves about research and study programmes. Together with other social science research institutions and study programmes, the CRC 1342 organised a colourful programme of events in a large pagoda, including discussions in front of and with the audience, poster presentations and quizzes.

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Open Campus 2019
Open Campus 2019

First CRC 1342 intern

The CRC 1342 offers students the opportunity to do an intership in a multidisciplinary research institution. As the first CRC 1342 intern, Mareike Müller-Scheffsky spent three months working in the project A05. In this interview, she talks about her experience and future plans.

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Mareike Müller-Scheffsky
Mareike Müller-Scheffsky