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Huhle, Teresa, 2021: The Transnational Formation of a Healthy Nation: Uruguayan Travelling Reformers in the Early 20th Century (1905–1931), in: Revista Ciencias de la Salud, 19 (3), pp. 1 - 22, Link (Date: 14.09.2021)

Dingeldey, Irene; Gerlitz, Jean-Yves, 2021: Not just Black and White, but different Shades of Grey: Legal Segmentation and its effect on Labour Market Segmentation in Europe, in: International Labour Review, (forthcoming)

Schmitt, Carina; Obinger, Herbert, 2021: Unemployment Insurance in the Global South Since 1950: Drivers of Policy Adoption, in: Global Social Policy, (forthcoming)

Chung, Wei-Yun; Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean; Drobnič, Sonja, 2021: Family Policies and Care Regimes in Asia, in: International Journal of Social Welfare, 30 (4), pp. 371 - 384, (forthcoming), doi:10.1111/ijsw.12512

Düpont, Nils; Kavasoglu, Berker; Lührmann, Anna; Reuter, Ora J., 2021: A Global Perspective on Party Organizations. Validating the Varieties of Party Identity and Organization Dataset (V-Party), in: Electoral Studies, (forthcoming)

Fischer, Johanna; Frisina Doetter, Lorraine; Rothgang, Heinz, 2021: Comparing long-term care systems: A multi-dimensional actor-centered typology, in: Social Policy & Administration, 2021, pp. 1 - 15, doi:10.1111/spol.12742, 14.06.2021

Hongsoo, Kim; Jeon, Boyoung; Frisina Doetter, Lorraine; Tamiya, Nonako; Hashimoto, Hideki, 2021: Same same but different? Comparing institutional performance in the long-term care systems of Japan and South Korea, in: Social Policy & Administration, Online first, doi:10.1111/spol.12761, 19.08.2021

Dingeldey, Irene; Fechner, Heiner; Gerlitz, Jean-Yves; Hahs, Jenny; Mückenberger, Ulrich, 2021: Worlds of Labour: Introducing the Standard-Setting, Privileging and Equalising Typology as a Measure of Legal Segmentation in Labour Law, in: International Law Journal, Advance article (dwab016),, 22.07.2021, Link (Date: 03.09.2021)

The latest journal articlesMore can be found in the filter above.