CRC 1342 Advent Calendar

13 December 2020

Internship at CRC 1342

Linh Truong and Antonio Basilicata are Master's students at the University of Bremen in "International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory". They are currently working on a three-month internship in CRC project A04 "Global Developments in Health Care Systems and Long-term Care as a New Social Risk". After the first weeks, it's time to ask how they are doing.

Dear Linh, dear Antonio, what made you decide to do your internship in our CRC and specifically in the A04 project?

Linh TruongLinh Truong: I was prompted above all by the core idea of project A04, which is to investigate the areas of health and long-term care in a global perspective. The internship is a great opportunity for a deeper insight into these areas - especially now, in times of the coronavirus pandemic, when comparing how countries in the Global North and Global South have dealt with the pandemic. Why have countries in the Global South like Vietnam been shown to be better able to control the pandemic despite having a lower quality health system? Will health and long-term care policies change in Global South countries compared to the time before the pandemic? These are the kinds of questions that interest me.

Antonio BasilicataAntonio Basilicata: Before completing my Master's degree, I wanted to gain additional practical experience. That's why I did an internship at the Körber Foundation in Hamburg in the summer semester of 2020. However, I had wanted to get to know academic research more intensively beyond my studies for quite some time.

How are you involved in the project work?

Antonio Basilicata: Because of the pandemic-related restrictions, I work from home. So far it's working very well, but it's a pity that personal contact with colleagues is very limited due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, my colleagues are always open, accessible and helpful. Via digital communication channels, such as Skype or BigBlueButton, we are in regular exchange and thus make the best of this challenging time.

Linh Truong: I also work from home. Like Antonio, I am currently mainly doing data and literature research on the emergence and development of health and long-term care systems. And I write country reports on this topic area.

Antonio Basilicata: These country reports will then be published in the "SFB 1342 Social Policy Country Brief Series". In the area of long-term care systems, I am also involved in the work with Expert Surveys.

What do you learn from your work in the CRC?

Linh Truong: On a very practical level, so far I have learned how to write different types of reports using specific software such as Endnote. On another level, I have learned how to organise my schedule between working on the project and writing my Master's thesis.

What topic are you writing your Master's thesis on?

Linh Truong: I am writing my Master's thesis on illegal migration and human trafficking with a focus on the Southeast Asia region.

This is a very exciting topic that calls for another interview in some time. And Antonio, what have you taken away from the internship so far?

Antonio Basilicata: I have gained valuable insights into the daily work of academia and research so far. What are the advantages and challenges of academic work? Is this a field in which I see myself in the future? I am also learning an enormous amount in terms of the topics of the project. Before the internship, my knowledge of health and long-term care systems was admittedly very general, as I have so far mainly dealt with environmental policy and EU-related topics. The initial basic interest in the internship topics has developed into a real enthusiasm. It reinforces my belief in how exciting interdisciplinary work is.

What plans do you have for your further studies and the time afterwards?

Linh Truong: First, I would like to complete my Master's thesis within the next year. After that, I would like to apply for jobs either in research centres and think tanks or in non-governmental organisations.

Antonio Basilicata: I want to write my Master's thesis in the summer semester of 2021 and then stay in research and do my PhD. For the future, I hope to work in a multicultural and international environment.


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