Social Policy Response in the Global South: Evidence from 36 countries

Prof. Dr. Tim Dorlach
Prof. Dr. Tim Dorlach
Tim Dorlach has done a meta-analysis of the 36 reports of our CRC 1342 Covid-19 Social Policy Response Series. He has found that during the early phase of the pandemic, most countries have focussed on temporary and targeted benefits supporting the labour market and offering social assistance. Developing economies often used cash transfers and food relief and relied heavily on external funding, whereas emerging economies applied a broad range of measures and were acting more independently.

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Martín Cortina Escudero successfully defends his PhD thesis

Martín who was a member of the CRC 1342 in the first funding period has investigated what influence the colonial legacy has had on the social policy developments in Mexico and Argentina.

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"One-size-fits-all models can be vastly misleading"

Jan Helmdag from the Swedish Institute for Social Research is visiting the CRC 1342. During a lecture on statistical analyses of labour market reforms, he pointed out some pitfalls.

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Dr. Jan Helmdag
Dr. Jan Helmdag

Ali Akbar Tajmazinani as a visiting scholar in Bremen

Dr. Ali Akbar Tajmazinani
Dr. Ali Akbar Tajmazinani
Tajmazinani is Associate Professor at Allameh Tabataba'i University in Tehran and is researching social policy in predominantly Muslim societies. He is currently spending a one-year sabbatical in Germany and cooperates with several research institutions, including SOCIUM and SFB 1342. On 7 December, Tajmazinani will give a public lecture on the typology of welfare systems in Muslim societies.

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Positive reviews for Nullmeier's "Kausale Mechanismen und Process Tracing"

The volume is a central result of project B01 in the first funding phase and has now been reviewed by both the sociologist Ulf Tranow and the historian Johannes Nagel.

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"To what extent is China as an authoritarian country influenced by international organizations?"

Harvard graduate Diana Bao is a business founder, has worked as a consultant and has even produced a musical. As a PhD student associated with project A05, she is now investigating the influence of international organisations on China's education policy.

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Diana Bao
Diana Bao

Project A05 is looking for a student assistant

The tasks include researching education policies concerning the inclusion of marginalised groups. The working time is 30 hours per month.

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Introducing new members of the CRC 1342: John Berten

John is a postdoc at Bielefeld University and investigates, what influence indicators and projections of the future have on the work of international organisers. In project B12 he is examining the ILO as an actor in the global Covid-19 crisis management.

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Dr. John Berten
Dr. John Berten

Introducing new members of the CRC 1342: Anh Tran

Before joining the CRC, Anh was working in international projects on social protection. As a PhD student in project A06, she is now investigating child benefits and their effect on social inclusion.

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Anh Tran
Anh Tran

Introducing new members of the CRC 1342: Fabienne Müller

After a few years in diplomacy, Fabienne has returned to university. She is doing a PhD in history, researching US trade and social policy since 1970.

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Fabienne Müller
Fabienne Müller

Project A02 is looking for a student assistant

The team works on occupational injury, unemployment and pension policies and needs support in researching/processing data and literature. The working time is 8 to 10 hours per week.

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