Projects of the CRC 1342

The Collaborative Research Centre 1342 has a total of 15 projects, which - except for the information management project - are divided into two project areas.

Project Area A

Project Area A consists of six projects that examine the global development of coverage and generosity in eight social policy areas.

A02. Global Dynamics of Coverage and Generosity in Work-Injury Compensation, Unemployment and Old-Age Pensions
Project directors: Simone Scherger, Sebastian Fehrler, Nate Breznau

A03. Worlds of Labour: Coverage and Generosity of Employment Law
Project directors: Irene Dingeldey, Ulrich Mückenberger

A04. Global Developments in Health Care Systems
Project directors: Heinz Rothgang, Lorraine Frisina Doetter, Sebastian Haunss

A05. The Global Development of Coverage and Generosity in Public Education
Project directors: Kerstin Martens, Michael Windzio

A06. Pathways to Family Policy Universalism: Coverage and Generosity of Family Policies in a Global Perspective
Project director: Sonja Drobnič

A07. Global Dynamics of Long-Term Care Policies
Project directors: Simone Leiber, Heinz Rothgang

Project Area B

Project area B consists of eight projects that examine the dynamics of coverage and generosity in selected countries or regions and specific social protection programmes. The projects conduct cases studies and comparisons of a small number of cases.

B01. Mechanisms of Social Policy Diffusion: Ideational Dynamics of Inclusion and the Political Legitimation of Beneficiary Groups
Project directors: Frank Nullmeier, Johanna Kuhlmann, Delia González de Reufels

B04. Causes of Inclusion and Exclusion: Immigrant Welfare Rights in Global Comparison
Project director: Friederike Römer

B05. Inclusion and Benefit Dynamics in the Chinese Welfare Regime
Project directors: Tobias ten Brink, Armin Müller

B06. Resource Boom and Social Policy in Authoritarian Regimes. A Means of Securing Regime Stability?
Project director: Heiko Pleines

B09. Social Policy and Rural Development in Africa
Project directors: Klaus Schlichte, Roy Karadag

B10. Armed Conflict and Dynamics of Social Policy
Project directors: Herbert Obinger, Carina Schmitt

B11. Protectionism and Social Policy in the Americas, 1890-2020
Project directors: Cornelius Torp, Delia González de Reufels

B12. Crisis Management in the Covid-19 Pandemic by International Organisations
Project directors: Alexandra Kaasch, Ewa Kaminska-Visser, Kerstin Martens