SoSe 2021

Social Theory and International Relations (MA)

Übung zur Einführung in die Politische Theorie (BA)

"Walk and Talk" (offene Lesegruppe)

WiSe 2020/21

Politik auf dem Land (BA)

Übung zur Einführungsvorlesung Internationale Beziehungen (BA)

SoSe 2020

African Political Thought (BA)

Knowledge in Global Social Policy (BA)

WiSe 2019/20

Food Security - Theory, History and Policy (BA)

African States since Independence - Ups and Downs in Development Planning (BA)

SoSe 2016

Social Policy in International Development (BA), mit Daria Ukhova

Globalised Politics and Statehood in Africa (BA)

WiSe 2013/14

Einführung in das politikwissenschaftliche Arbeiten (BA)