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1. Webcast of ca. 3 hours, which can be streamed by every participant during the period 6.7. - 20.07.2020.
The advanced PhD and early postdoc years are essential for academic career development. During this period, scientists are often torn between conflicting priorities of intellectual independence, on the one hand, and meeting professional obligations towards their employers, on the other hand. Researchers are expected to develop an independent publication record, apply for external funding, create a distinct research profile, build a teaching portfolio, communicate their research, build a network, undertake research stays abroad, etc. etc. Which of these tasks are particularly important? What are the top priorities?
How important is the habilitation? Which time frame is appropriate and compatible with my personal private priorities? The webcast informs about all important requirements (also beyond publications and funding) and milestones for an academic career. Furthermore, the participants will get tips and advice both on prioritising these requirements and on strategic considerations during the PhD and postdoc phase on the way to a professorship.

2. Accompanying materials like handout, questionnaire for analysing the participants' current academic profile, example CVs will be provided. 

3. (Video) face-to face meeting of approx. 45 minutes for each participant, individually with the trainer.