Argentina' struggle to protect income and employment

The economic situation was already difficult before the pandemic, yet Argentina managed to invest a considerable part of the state budget in measures to protect the labour market and the basic income of the vulnerable population from the effects of the pandemic. Camila Arza (Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Public Policy, Buenos Aires) analyses the measures in detail in her report for the CRC 1342 Covid-19 Social Policy Response Series.

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Argentine flag with the message "Stay at home" (Photo: Carolina Jaramillo/Adobe Stock)
Argentine flag with the message "Stay at home" (Photo: Carolina Jaramillo/Adobe Stock)

Palgrave Macmillan book series: edited volume on International Organisations released

Book four of the series, edited by Kerstin Martens, Dennis Niemann and Alexandra Kaasch, examines the influence of International Organisations on the development of several social policy fields.

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Special issue on knowledge transfer in the post-soviet region

Project B06 has published a special issue in "Global Social Policy": In seven articles, project members and guest authors analyse the role of international actors in the introduction of social policy concepts in states on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

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"We wanted to combine the historical and political science approach"

Teresa Huhle and Johanna Kuhlmann report in an interview on a 6-day seminar on social policy in the Global South that they led during the Spring Academy of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

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Does the regime type matter?

Friederike Römer and Jakob Henninger have investigated how the goals of civil society organisations that advocate for migrants' welfare rights differ between autocracies and democracies. They explain their findings in an interview.

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Jakob Henninger, Dr. Friederike Römer
Jakob Henninger, Dr. Friederike Römer

The OECD, PISA and the window of opportunity

Helen Seitzer, Dennis Niemann and Kerstin Martens have investigated what role the topic "PISA" plays in OECD education policy publications: not such a big one. Why PISA has become so successful nonetheless, Seitzer explains in an interview.

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Helen Seitzer
Helen Seitzer

Study on the management of intensive care bed capacities during the pandemic

SFB member Mirella Cacace conducted a comparative study of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Israel for the Bertelsmann Stiftung. For this project, she collaborated with experts from her international network.

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Intensive care unit (Foto: Vadim/Adobe Stock)
Intensive care unit (Foto: Vadim/Adobe Stock)

Andrea Schäfer has joined project A03

Andrea Schäfer
Andrea Schäfer
In "Worlds of Labour", the social scientist focuses on the refinement of indicators and their integration into the Global Welfare State Information System (WeSIS). Schäfer has been working for many years in research projects at the SOCIUM and was most recently research officer at the Central Commission for Women's Issues at the University of Bremen.

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Food subsidies in Northern Africa: Highly contested, but still essential for the urban poor

Subsidised food is an important social policy instrument of many countries in North Africa. For years, International Organisations have been pushing for the subsidies to be reduced or abolished - claiming that they are too expensive and too unspecific for poverty reduction. Kressen Thyen and Roy Karadag have investigated why Tunisia has kept the subsidies unchanged, while Egypt has undertaken reforms. In this interview, they talk about their findings, which they recently published in a paper in "Social Policy & Administration".

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Dr. Kressen Thyen, Dr. Roy Karadag
Dr. Kressen Thyen, Dr. Roy Karadag

Author team paints a bleak picture of India’s social policy response to the pandemic

Part 4 of the CRC 1342 Covid-19 Social Policy Response Series has been published. For India, Stefan Kühner, Keerty Nakray and Daniel Neff conclude: The relief efforts have not been able to adequately address the social and economic suffering in the country.

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India in lockdown (Photo: ThroughMyEyes, Adobe Stock)
India in lockdown (Photo: ThroughMyEyes, Adobe Stock)

Turkey expert Kerem Öktem joins the B01 team

Öktem, who earned his PhD at Bilkent University in Ankara with a thesis on the emergence of welfare systems in the Global South, was most recently a postdoctoral researcher at Bielefeld University. In the interview, he talks about his academic career and explains his role in the CRC.

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