The US sociologist will work in Bremen until mid-November, where he will give lectures and offer workshops.

John W. Meyer is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Stanford University. He made important contributions to sociological neoinstitutionalism and developed the concept of "world polity". In this concept, the world society is understood as a system of globally shared values and norms of western character. Organizations adopt and disseminate these values because they perceive them as promoting legitimacy.

John W. Meyer will give a public lecture at the Haus der Wissenschaft Bremen on 17 October 2019 at 6 p.m.: "The University in World Society: Liberalism, Neoliberalism, and Now Anti-Liberalism". 

On 30 October 2019 he will give a workshop on "New Institutionalism in a Globalized World" at Socium/CRC 1342. Up to six doctoral students can discuss their research projects with Meyer.

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