Work Experience

since June 2018
Doctoral Researcher, Cologne Center for Comparative Politics, Germany and CRC 1342 "Global Dynamics of Social Policy"
▪ Research as part of the research project "International complementarities in the development of the welfare state: The transatlantic sphere (1870-2020)"
▪ Planning and conduction of public opinion surveys in Brazil and Mexico

March 2018 – May 2018
Intern, Fundación Escalera, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico
▪ Planned and organized program evaluation by designing a qualitative questionnaire, random sampling and data collection
▪ Conducted field work in the form of qualitative interviews in Spanish with young adults in Chiapas
▪ Analyzed secondary data to evaluate the effectiveness of Escalera’s program that was carried out in 2014 by using STATA and R
▪ Produced report (also used as Master thesis) that contains the methods and findings of the evaluation

October 2017 – February 2018
Team Leader/Researcher, Project Group ECIPE, Erfurt, Germany
▪ Part of Public Policy Master Program: Research on opportunities and challenges of non- traditional work in the EU and beyond
▪ Data visualization with Tableau
▪ Team coordination of four people

February 2017 – February 2018
Research Assistant, Transport and Spatial Planning Institute, Erfurt, Germany
▪ Carries out extensive research about museums in Central Europe and their inclusiveness for people with disabilities to derive policy recommendations for museums
▪ Supports the preparation of an international conference on inclusiveness of museums

February 2017 – March 2016
Intern, Transform Rural India Foundation, New Delhi, India
▪ Applied market analysis of rural markets to identify lacks and potentials in economic structure to recognize suitable investment opportunities
▪ Participated in meetings by the Environmental Defense Fund and the World Bank Group to get
a better understanding of India’s strengths and challenges in future policy making

August 2016 – October 2016
Intern, Institute of Applied Economic Research, Tübingen, Germany
▪ Evaluated data concerning skill shortage in Germany by using statistic software STATA
▪ Conducted interviews with experts to obtain a deeper understanding of research topic
▪ Organized and reformatted project results for executive team using Microsoft Office