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WiSe 2018/19

Malaysia has been generally considered to be a moderate Muslim country. There are however recent instances towards radicalism and predispositions towards liberalism remain ambivalent. There are however think tanks in Malaysia that are sufficiently open in their thinking to assist with the liberal education agenda. These contradictory developments are indications that it is high time to pursue an agenda of genuine liberal education for the holistic development of not just the intellect but the very soul of Malaysian society.

Sanen Marshall argues that - general Malaysian conservatism apart - the education agenda loosely known as the "Islamisation of Knowledge" is actually noticeable in Malaysian school history textbooks and even in some of the ideas being promoted at the university level. The lack of an attempt at an alternative history in school text books is perhaps something that people should be concerned about in Malaysia. Sanen Marshall also considers the idea of "Islamic science" as an enlightened but sometimes misguided approach to Islamising knowledge.