Dr. Jakob Henninger from project B04 was on a one-month research trip in Penang

In August and September 2023, Jakob Henninger completed a visiting researcher stay at the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang. As part of the CRC project B04 "Causes of Inclusion and Exclusion. Welfare State Rights of Immigrants in Global Comparison", he worked on a case study on immigrant social rights in Malaysia.

During his stay, he initiated a joint paper with Dr Low Choo Chin from Universiti Sains Malaysia. The aim of the project is to systematically analyse the legal regulations regarding migrant workers' access to social benefits. The aim is to map not only the benefits available in Malaysia, but also those offered by the migrants' countries of origin. The analysis compares the situation of migrants from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal, who make up the vast majority of labour migrants in Malaysia. Dr Low Choo Chin is a recognised expert on Malaysia's migration policy and country expert for Malaysia in the Immigrant Social Rights (ImmigSR) project, which is part of CRC-project B04.

In addition to surveying the social rights of migrant workers in Malaysia, Jakob Henninger conducted interviews with civil society actors during his research trip. Civil society organisations constitute an important focus of the research in project B04, which investigates how civil society actors drive and condition the course of processes of inclusion and exclusion.

Jakob Henninger is a political scientist and a research fellow at the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1342 "Global Dynamics of Social Policy". In his dissertation, he has investigated the politics of immigration policy in electoral-authoritarian regimes. He is now working in CRC-project B04 “Causes of Inclusion and Exclusion: Immigrant Welfare Rights in Global Comparison” which explores how political parties and civil society actors drive and condition the course of processes of inclusion and exclusion of immigrants in national welfare states. His research interests include migration policy (especially in authoritarian regimes), (welfare) rights of migrants and their impact on labour market outcomes and income, the politics of permanent residency, attitudes towards migration, and civil society activism in the field of migration.


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