Members of the project’s expert network GIST
Members of the project’s expert network GIST
On the 5th and 6th of May, the B01 project held a workshop at the University of Bremen.

They were joined by members of the project’s expert network GIST (Group Inclusion and Social Policies over Time), an international group of social policy scholars from South Korea, China, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Iran, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, Australia, Russia, and Sweden.

A central aim of the project is to compare the temporal sequence of inclusion into social security schemes in 20 countries around the world. The project aims to explore national social security legislation to find out what groups were covered by social security in what temporal sequence. The purpose of the workshop was to draw conclusions from the comparative assessment of group constructions (in laws on old-age security, survivors' pensions and unemployment insurance) for exploring the legitimation patterns for the inclusion and exclusion of groups. Moreover, the network planned its publication strategy and laid down next steps for future projects and cooperation.

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