Ethics & Good Scientific Practice

The CRC 1342 commits itself to the adherence of ethics guidelines adopted in the respective organisations, as well as the guidelines of Good Scientific Practice. These are recognised as important prerequisites for scientific work.

The CRC 1342 therefore attaches great importance to the researchers following the Guidelines of Good Scientific Practice of the DFG, as well as ethic standards of scientific organisations and the University of Bremen. The CRC 1342 reserves the right to set up its own ethics committee if deemed necessary.

Further information about Good Scientific Practice:

Good Scientific Practice Information of the German Research Foundation

Good Scientific Practice at the University of Bremen
(in German only)

Research Ethics Guidance:

Code of Ethics of the University of Bremen and information about the Ethics Commission

Information of the Ethics Commission of the German Political Science Association
(Code only available in German)

Code of Ethics of the German Association of Sociology
(in German only)